Friday, June 5, 2009

New exhibit up at Blinking Light

Such a wave of activity I have found myself...almost drowning yesterday after I finished the third piece of clothing for the fashion show on Sat. It was a super challenge to myself to sew clothing again. I am not my happiest self when sitting at the machine, but fortunately the heavy charmeuse sewed up without too many catches. On Tues I made the display at Blinking Light Gallery in Plainfield. A whole wall for both paintings and silks. Not too often do I get a whole wall to mix the paintings on canvas with the paintings on silk. I included the 2 pieces which are stretched silk and the exhibit pleases my sense of form and color given the limitations of space and time! I couldn't do all that I do if I fussed too much. Must leave this writing and get into Artisans Hand to lay out the refreshments for the opening tonight. Watercress to have so much watercress that I have to be creative with using it and using it often. Painting is 12x12 and called Singled Out....yes, singled out again.

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