Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back deck dye work on April 15!

Wow! When I was taking my breakfast on the back deck this morning, I was feeling the incredible warmth in the sun and I got the crazy idea that I could pull my dye table outside and begin my 2009 silk work. Sounds more simple than it was because my paint table was buried under way too much "stuff" and all the dye pots were encrusted with dried chemicals, and, of course, I wanted to move the back table because it was the full many complications and potentials pitfalls to getting the project underway...but somehow I had terrific determination and within 2 hours I had a table to work on and then silks stretched and dyes ready to flow...what fun it is to dye on silk. I was inspired once again. Somehow sun and breeze makes the colors flow for me. I hadn't painted on silk for months...since the end of last year. Sometimes when I stop a process, it seems to take great effort to begin again. And what joy, how I have missed it! How freeing it makes me feel, alive again! Maybe I needed some of that down time to regenerate, to store up the energy to let it flow it again. Must sleep soon because I hear that it will be another fine day tomorrow before the rains come and I have even heard that snow might also be falling next week. Ah, spring in Vermont is a chancy thing.

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