Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bench Conversation

This large oil painting still hangs at my Mother's house while her possessions are being removed for the Presbyterian rummage sale. Though others have requested to take this one off my hands, I want to reclaim it. It is too large to fit in my car and must be removed from its stretcher for transport. It is warped so a remake of the stretcher is needed. When I finished this painting in the last weeks of my senior year (University), I moved it to my mother's home for safe keeping. It has delighted her for 38 years and she has enjoyed sharing it with her many guests. With the next trip to Ohio, I'll break it down and bring it back to Vermont. But where will I put it here in my small home with walls already double hung with paintings. Will it stay rolled waiting for the next move? Can I make a reasonable copy for my mother's wall in her nursing home? Do I try to find a gallery in which to share this painting? Will I attempt to make a followup in this style which advocates emphasize as important? Which path will be open for me? This painting was made from a sketch I quickly did while visiting in NYC. I still have the sketch which is not as full of character as the painting, but so many of the lines are the same. The women has stood the test of time and they remain strong in memory, full in form and color, and still can make the viewer smile with recognition. Their conversation is ongoing. I am proud of this piece and can't dismiss its importance.

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