Saturday, April 18, 2009

Art Group at Janet's

Art Group meets every second Tuesday at one of our studios to show work and discuss art making and presenting. We have been meeting for over 10 years and have really gotten to see growth of spirit and evolution of process. Janet Van Fleet was instrumental in my involvement with the creation of Studio Place Arts and kept encouraging me to stay, to wade through all the steps of making a community art center. I just wanted a studio and a gallery in which to show the community's art. Well, though I have been away from studio renting at SPA for several years, it is always a treat to visit in Janet's studio where she has been invested in art making for these 8 years and her wonderful creatures surround us as we discuss...what else? I feel very fortunate to have the association of the group members who are my support team and friends. This next week, I'll be back at SPA a couple of day as I hang the "SHOW US THE GREEN" exhibit of which I am the curator...and I am breaking the rules on this one as I'll be hanging some of my art as part of this show also. More on this later.

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