Friday, July 31, 2015

Escape joins in ARA group show at Wood Gellery

Big set back in my advance into this summer by break of leg in May directly following my return to VT after Mama's Memorial in Ohio at her Church.  She seemed with me as I performed duties as she had taught me; like riding on her wings.  She whispers her disappointment about my standing on a chair and its distressing outcome when my luck ran out, but she applauds my continued movement with my art.  My abstracts are an escape for me, into realms more personal than the duties of life, they begin with a few dancing lines and explosions of color.  My paintings are more than my joy at the beauty around me, the rhythm of music as the dance unfurls into combinations of color shapes, sights beyond the real and imagined...they yearned to be born and i am eager to be painting again when this body heals and can stand on its own...promises I hold for my near future.

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Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This piece has a special beauty...lovely assortment of colors and shapes! Keep on keeping on!