Friday, July 31, 2015

Escape joins in ARA group show at Wood Gellery

Big set back in my advance into this summer by break of leg in May directly following my return to VT after Mama's Memorial in Ohio at her Church.  She seemed with me as I performed duties as she had taught me; like riding on her wings.  She whispers her disappointment about my standing on a chair and its distressing outcome when my luck ran out, but she applauds my continued movement with my art.  My abstracts are an escape for me, into realms more personal than the duties of life, they begin with a few dancing lines and explosions of color.  My paintings are more than my joy at the beauty around me, the rhythm of music as the dance unfurls into combinations of color shapes, sights beyond the real and imagined...they yearned to be born and i am eager to be painting again when this body heals and can stand on its own...promises I hold for my near future.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Making Color in a white world

New painting 28x26, feeling alive with color and dance.  Just got asked to do a solo show in April, so I will be returning to studio for more painting.  Check back for more new work.

Happy Valentine's Day to all;  feel the love all around you.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Garage Reawakens to ART

Nothing like a good community ART challenge to get my attention.  I do love making a neglected building come alive with ART.  Last month Montpelier decided to make an Arts Festival.  Yes, short notice!  I heard about it at our Montpelier Alive meeting and suddenly I am the point person for the largest empty space in Montpelier donated to bringing ART to town.  With the urging of Sue at SPA I gathered the studio artists and the added some other local talent.  It is happening.  Lights turned on and Art abounding throughout 2 large floors of many individual rooms.  Over 20 involved souls and the excitement rises for the soft preview on Saturday during farmers market which  bubbles with energy neighboring Garage.  Come see I say to you all.
Only a pop up--no heat, no water therefore no toilets!  And October does get chilly in Vermont but community and talking art can be warming.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fashion Line Up

This collage was created for a show on fashion;  it has been teasing me to put it out to the world again so I just listed it on for $50.  It is ready to tease someone else.  12 x15 frame size, wired for hanging.  Like it?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Taking the silks to the street

This crepe de chine cocoon seems so dark inside but it lot up in the sunshine and made Melissan dance.

Chiffon float and the joy of movement
The wind made its own dance with silk.

Infinity in opalescent grey

Sweep of color

A large silk made into a vest with one knot....graffiti supreme. Many of these fashion silks will be available at Waterbury Arts Festival July 12.

Water color down by the river

Chiffon over dove grey dress, designed by Phoebe Stone, available at Artisans Hand Gallery and we thank you for the dance.