Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April to become May...orange

 How could I let the whole month of April drift away without a post?  I have a new IPhone which takes better photos, so much so that I hardly even take my camera to the studio or on walks.  I'm happy to post to facebook from my phone but I have failed to be able to post to this blog from my phone which means photos have to be loaded onto the computer and for some reason I can't even load IPhone photos to my PC at all.  Always so many things to reconfigure...it is easier to just paint and not let you readers see, but that seems sad too....so here I am, showing my first image the energy bubbling up from the dark as the plants pop from their winter holdings.  Small oil on canvas, unstretched, a quick sketch really.
 Orange, yes indeed range, the color of courage, vibrant and alive.   oil on canvas board, 11x14
 And there is orange in the neighborhood with construction happening just outside my studio window.  It has been a mix of emotions working next to construction...all these men to distract me,some of them standing around just waiting for me to take their picture, drinking coffee, while others make big noises with their huge equipment.  It has been a wonder seeing the ground work of a building and now the really big crane is working to lift the long beams for a 4 story building.  Sometimes I feel a young boy within me excited by the machines; sometimes I see magic in the forms and the shifting light...
Painting silk again too.  orange appears here too and other forms from my looking also slide into place on the design of the silk...it is all connected, don't you think?

Happy May Day!


Altoon Sultan said...

Luscious color, Maggie. It's interesting how the orange out the window has become part of your paintings and silk.

Maggie Neale said...

Hi Altoon, or did I notice and frame out the orange outside because I was already configuring orange? Some of the paintings I did before fence was up. Thanks as always for your interest and words.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Nice to see your new work and I'm loving the many shades of orange. The combination of that orange with that blue on the scarf is beautiful! Enjoy your Spring!