Friday, March 29, 2013

Confusion and Renewal

Confusion come over me at where is the last post I posted?  I know I posted a couple of new paintings, but where are they?  They aren't even in my computer...or are they in a different folder.  Oh well, must proceed.  Here is the first version of a new painting which has become solidified, but perhaps those images are only on my cell phone still.  Am I aware that my systems are appearing to be breaking down?

So here I offer up the painting called Confusion which I layered burlap over an old painting and proceeded to ad more paint and forms, marks, and ...confusion.  I haven't seen anything like it before.
Here's painting from the last "kept " post and I mentioned it seemed to work in all directions, so here it is in 4 views.  What have I hear about a sign of a good composition is one that can be turned in all directions.

Meanwhile my sons have given me confusion.  One son has changed his job and now is working on Manus Island off the coast of New Guinea, 6 weeks there then time in CA to get married and both he and Shannon will return to work on Manus.  My other son has a new job, after a move, and now he tells me he is applying to grad school.  I just can't keep up!

Easter eggs tomorrow.  Jonah comes with 2 young girls and their mother for egg dying, then hiding, finding, eating...all that stuff for spring renewal.  Happy renewal to you all!

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