Sunday, February 10, 2013

Trying to Catch Up with Myself

Through one storm; now if I can get 3 paintings delivered to the next show location before the weather sets me back again.  The painting is a mystery to me Mystery of Change is its name and it was a created as a challenge to me by me.  I began with a couple of of my cat curled into a ball and the other an old key.  I also used colors that I don't usually use, though some have been buried as I reworked the surface.  I have called this painting finished enough to appear in public so I will let it go from my studio for a month or so.  Perhaps when it comes back to me I will make more changes; it's hard to stop change once it gets rolling.  20x20, priced at $600 at this point.

 Branching Out, 20x20 for that same $600.  Amazing where we can branch out and grow.  This one was more powerful when it was more raw;  I went back one time too many to make a small correction. Once a painter enters a painting, change can happen and it isn't always favorable.
Yes, you've recently seen this one but it is the third painting of this group for the show which will also have exhibited some work from my art group.  Let's see who shows up tomorrow at Claire's in Hardwick.

I myself have a pain in the neck and a back light out on the car.  I also have lost my IPhone...all this just 2 days before I fly off to Tucson with Bruce to see Mama and sister Martha.  Why do I put so much on the plate when I want to relax and lighten up.  Can I ever catch up with myself?

Well I almost lost this whole page so far so I need to end with a couple of more photos and crawl into bed.

 Bruce plays Napoleon for a moment in my studio at last open studio reception at SPA

Too many paintings...what am I going to do?

Just put a final layer on this piece from 2010 or 2011 and put it in my etsy shop for $150, 12x12x1.5, Tulip and Two Lights.  I started this painting when I was teaching a private student and she brought me a flower.  We both painted it in our own way; a sharing.  Happy Valentine's Day.  Be gentle with yourself today.  I am trying to remember.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I so like this post title and I wish you luck on the catching up part! Loved seeing your studio...hanging work salon style is very powerful!
Enjoy your trip...sunshine all around!

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Mary Ann for your comments as always. I wish more people would leave them. After I hang a whole new grouping I love to sit back and absorb the different conversations they make. Happy heart to you.