Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New paintings birthed this year

 Feels so good to be painting again!  I run away from home, work, and the cold to find a world of paint in my studio and it is satisfying.  I started the above painting a couple of weeks ago.  Sometimes it is hard to reenter a painting which has some positive to it for fear of erasing the positive.  This one had a second wind and I'm glad for its direction; at this point I call it "Under the Bridge", 24x30, and I am getting it ready to hand in a group show in Hardwick with my art group.  I am giving it more air and that all feels lighter.
Small painting which has been moving along, though the colors which were first laid upon the canvas, 9x12, remain true, just embelished with depth.  I am surprised how much the brown dot shows in the photo...perhaps too much.  I am always glad to see these here on the blog because it gives me a different viewing angle.

Very cold here in Vermont; temperatures didn't even make 0 today.  I warmed in the yoga room this morning and now I'm going off to Thai Chi, all at the Senior Center; there are some advantages to being a senior and I am ready to claim them.

Hope you are all warm and feeling inspired.


Altoon Sultan said...

These look really good, Maggie. How great that you're back in the studio, cozy and working in this bitter cold.

Jeane Myers said...

always love seeing your work Maggie - wonderful

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Love the colors and shapes of these new pieces. Great that you have showing opportunities as it gives the work a place to be seen and appreciated and yes, purchased!
The weather reports sound more like from Alaska than Vermont...stay warm!

Maggie Neale said...

Hello Altoon, Jeane, and Mary Ann...lovely to hear from you all, and thanks for your good words on my works. Yes, several exhibit options in these next months. Just put paintings on the walls of my studio for an opening tomorrow at SPA; sat on the couch and had a good look; did me good.

Sophie Munns said...

So lovely to see what you have been doing Maggie! I enjoyed the compositions in these paintings.
Its awfullly cold over there... but you seem to be doing smart things to keep warm. Loved seeing all the snowy photos.
Wishing you really well in 2013!