Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bread and Puppet event

 Summer comes to VT once a year and it must be celebrated with some special events.  So we work hard, harvest the garden, and then take off to Bread and Puppet for Sunday afternoon...we feel the vacation and fill the eye and camera with images.  I picked up a calendar which sats "50 Years!"  Peter has been doing Bread and Puppet for 50 yrears!  Amazing.  Young and old come and preform.
 Even the parking lot is an event.
 The parade of viewers headed to the seating hill before the circus.
 Dances happened; this is the green dance troup; definitely political undertones.
 Here's Hilary...she had her say.
 And Don Quixote came to banish the wind turbines.
 Puppets of all sizes....oh my, my mind seems to forget this story.
 But here come the sheep
 Tigers and wheat, all singing as they proceeded.
 The good overcomes evil in some stories....but I was enchanted with Peter Schumann sitting on top of his bus waiting his grand entrance.
 And here he comes!  This amazing man is 78 years of creative drive.  We are awed by his daring.
 As he dances, his flag carriers and performers gather and bow at his feet.
Just a short while after Peter's grand height dance, he is speaking in the pageant, telling us "nobody can stop the water from rising.  Nobody can stop the human war.  Elect nobody."  and he points our next venue in the moving pageant which will be offered up in more images tomorrow...or maybe the next day......I'll show some art too in the near future.....thanks for being here and for being.

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