Saturday, March 3, 2012

Trying to Make Sense of it all

 Well, I have taken down my big show and stored the paintings in the studio.  Meanwhile I have started dying in the studio because I need to make some work that makes money to pay for the studio.  Alas, it always comes down to money.  I just read the book Claude and Camille about Monet and his love.  The hardships they suffered because of lack of money and painting sales.  I had to be relieved that I had discovered my need to make craft, wearable art, to make money to support myself and not rely on painting sales.  I would have been too discouraged.  Since my studio is taken over by "stuff,  I have resorted to small paintings.  The above is 6x6 on gessoed canvas.  Really it has been enjoyable to do this small work, to see that I could....and they don't take up much room at all.
 I went to the eye doctor on Monday to check in with my ripened cataracts.  While my eyes were being examined with bright shining lights, I saw some excellent color patterns, glowing, vibrating.  Square of color, color fields.  I took that inspiration into a series of scarves, like the one above.  I am nervous about my eyes, but so many folks have great success stories.  I hope I will too.  My eyes are vital to me.
 This silk square is almost a painting in itself, but it is also an excellent neck scarf, so perhaps I'll post it to etsy, where I seem to have been building a customer base.  See the neck scarf view below.

 This painting is one of the 6x6 paintings, blue one day and then the next, it changed.  Oh my!
 And the blue painting is lost, buried under the warm boxes floating on the more turbulent sea.
 My table of silks in the studio.  I painted these and then did some of the small paintings while I watched them change as they were drying.  Oh, those floating snowballs....
Now this 6x6 is peaceful, so I must be finding some peace in these crazy days as I shift paintings and try to take care of all ad work and bills before I take off in that plane on Wed.  I'm flying out to see Mama and sis and the desert, just when the temp here will be rising and springness will be in the air.  I do hear the flowers are blooming in the desert.  Yes, it is time to pack away Vermont boots for a bit.

If I don't make it back to post for a couple of weeks, it's because I have left my computer at home, but I will be around for a couple of days still to get your comments.  I do like to receive some, you know.
Many blessings to all!  I hope your art is being replenished.


Altoon Sultan said...

It looks like you are reaping the benefit of circumstances: the small paintings look great, as do your scarves.
Have a wonderful trip!

Maggie Neale said...

Altoon, yes, trying to see the positive and you do too! Thanks for your support. Trip will pull on the emotions and hopefully further fuel the inspiration.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Your 6'x6'pieces pack a lot of impact!
I just love your reference to snowballs and the way you dance between art and craft!
Have a great trip to the desert.

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Mary Ann, Your words always give me a lift. My bags are packed, well, almost. Night now