Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sun Day! Snow, Ice, Movement in Colors

 Sun Day!  Lovely sunshine after a couple of days of storm.  I took this small painting, called Nocturne, over to Blinking Light Gallery in Plainfield to change out the paintings there...took 4 away, left 4 more and shifted the silk scarves.  I went before the storm got too fierce.  Other changes in the weekend plans happened later and mostly I stayed home Friday night and Saturday.  We have had little snow so far this year.  I'm hoping we don't have another big storm on the day I fly out to AZ for the family visit.
 Finally began the silks of 2012, painting both at studio and at home.  I had one order to take care of, but I also needed to get some in galleries around here before my departure.  This one is still wet, but really felt like painting the spread and size of silk work.
My table at studio; the light is good there and I actually took enough supplies that I could do several table tops of this plentitude.  Starting light; then I progress through to dark on the same table covering.
Was I perhaps inspired by the ice on the vine; many winter wonders.

 Studio Place Arts, where my studio is now, will have its gala and fund drive in late April.  The director ask me to paint a canvas, only 4x4! for the auction.  I've begun this tiny painting which looks way larger here than when I hold it in my hand.
 In my attempt to embrace the weather, I've been working on this canvas, 20x20, with a key of understanding rain and snow....yes, that key is much too obvious and needs to be layered over, but I am happier with the colors than in previous post.
But, really, what are the ice pads which have formed on the river...gorgeous, large and floating downstream....I've not seen these before.  Does anyone hold the key to this understanding?
 My eyes have been craving red, all shades of red.  I have a red painting, but it is blurry so I'm not sharing yet.  Instead this rug section warms my eyes.  My scarves today are in the red family also.  makes my heart beat faster.  Maybe this is part of the need/reason for Valentines day.  RED and heart!
Our town gets plastered with hearts on Valentine's Day by the Valentine Phantom (and is team of minions).  I love taking a stroll through town on V Day just to feel the town so heartened and to greet all the others who have come to partake.  Many glad greetings and smiles.

Hope your hearts are all alive and well, heartened and happy.  Your comments make me smile too.


Unknown said...

The new scarves seem to echo the season.....I love the river shot with the icy lily pads.

Altoon Sultan said...

I like the sweeping curves of the new scarf designs. And like Annie, I think the shot of the round icy pads in the river is marvelous.

Maggie Neale said...

Annie and Altoon, greetings and sun glow. Sweeping curve/the stroke of the arm in full flow. Those icy pads are big, wider than I am tall. Can you tell from the photo? A true wonder.