Saturday, February 11, 2012

Paintings and Pets

 Late again tonight and here I am loading too many images in this one post because I have not been posting often enough in this week.  Where does the time go?  The above image is my large painting, started weeks ago but put aside so I could focus on presentation of my several shows.  Put on hold in a very beginning state, but now nearing finish.  I call it Many Moons, 3'x5'...wonderful to have a large canvas and the time to layer it for days and weeks.
 This is the current dyptic....the 11x14 cradled panels seemed so small when I pulled them from their shipping box.  Oh, the difficulty of having small work along side large canvases.  I had to at least have 2 of them side by side.  It was also a challenge to make the pair stay together.  Not finished; I think it has even changed since this photo but not dramatically.
 Here is a progression of this dyptik....oh, how do you spell this spell check isn't helping
 second light!

 The day it darkened and the yellow went under...almost
 We have had the wondrous experience of the deer making beds so near our windows that they have almost seemed like our pets.  We have urged them away for years after having the beans been eaten and the elderberry bush almost destroyed.  The stacks you see is the upper garden...they are so close, basking in the sun.
 finding the spring and nibbling the watercress...taken through the window with full zoom.
 The guard...I think I was standing on the back deck as we eyed each other.
 So graceful...I am quite enchanted with them and wonder how they will appear in the paintings to come.
This other beast is making his way into my camera eye and into my drawings....O pus, you might just become my opus.  Now to rest myself...looks inviting. Night all.

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