Sunday, November 13, 2011

Visit with Avery

Avery has just turned one.  Bruce and I excitedly made the journey south to visit with her and her father Will and mother Courtney.  I painted her a wagon which she took to immediately.  Hurray!  Forget the doll, oh well.  Such a charmer...very physical and communicative without words, but she doesn't seem to need them yet.

Avery and I seemed to be making a good connections so I urged Will and Courtney to take their dogs for a walk and I would stay with Avery and put her down for a nap.  We played and read books for a while then she realized she had been left with me and she was pissed.  Set up a howl, a tired "I'm just worn out howl" which I can remember from my babies of 30 years ago.  Somehow I calmed her, rocking and singing, rubbing her back, yes, a fart, was it more? and she relaxed into sighs and then sleep.  When I laid her in her crib, I realized what a tiny baby she still is and I sighed too, spent from the energy of leading her to sleep.  Just look at this baby!

Next morning at breakfast with her parents.  She is making that pancake turner whirl.  I wonder if the movie will come through...

wish I could do some of the sound; maybe you can imagine?  She has a mind of her own and knows what she wants.  What an experience knowing a one year old!


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Yes, Mary Ann, she is adorable. Wonder if you could see video before. I have it made it more accessible.