Monday, November 14, 2011

Looking at Sculpture at DeCordova

 Was it just yesterday that we left Avery and her parents and sought out DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, MA, driving the Boston Post Road, past Gropius House, and then to DeCordova, 35 acres of sculptures.
This was the first to come on the edge of the parking lot and won my I wish I could say the names of the creators, and the info brochure has gone missing.  Please forgive me my ignorance.
From the roof top, looking toward the entrance and then toward Flint Pond and the sculpture walk, yes 6 stories up.

Looking closely at the materials....tire tread!

 Pine tall as the viewers

 Even dogs enjoy looking
 This was created by a guy by the name of Wheelwright because I saw a movie about him during the Film Festival, called listening to the earth.  These sculptures mean so much more with viewers in the view so that size is understood.
 Some looked closely and even touched.
 Some sculptures made music when touched.  This piece by Paul Matisse....somehow this name was memorable.
As we were leaving, Bruce stopped the car and I captured this shot.  Yeah!  A lovely day...memories.
Andrew Goldworthy will be making a snow house this winter there...I'll have to go back to see it.


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Maggie Neale said...

Yeah, Neva!

Altoon Sultan said...

I've never been to the DeCordova, so thanks for the wonderful tour.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Your right...viewing these sculptures with people in the frame gives the pieces scale. What a wonderful experience...probably need to go back many times to really see the favorites!