Saturday, October 15, 2011

Art camp at the ocean

Sun today and wind to blow the waves upon the rocks.  We are in a deep bay, Penobscot Bay, so we don't usually have wave actions, but the wind is showing its force today.  I am sitting outside of the office where I can use wifi for a few more days, limitedly.  It is not in the sun so a bit chilly, but images did load quickly.

I've been sewing hats, finished a bag, and sewed up a jacket with seascape pictures...
I painted a series of scarf boxes with acrylics and then did some large paper work with the colors already on the palette.  What fun!  I so enjoyed the play of cradboard striping with came through as I palette knifed my way.  24x20.  I'm never sure how to deal with my paper works because framing puts me off and mostly these pieces are never seen by the public.....

Here is another paper piece...House by the Sea, smaller.  Was surprised when I put it next to an oil painting just working on andthe color palette was so similar.

 Lovely treasures form the beach walk a couple of days ago.  The algae was tempting to eat.  I did buy a local matake mushroom, hen of the woods, local cranberries, sweet dumpling squash.  We'll go to the fish market today and down to the pier in Rockland.  Gallery time too!
So gray yesterday...a marvel in gray, and foggy.  Rain most of the day, but I loved it too!

Hope this finds you well who come to gather my words and works.


Unknown said...

I just came up from the beach in the dark, the waves still in my ears. Maybe that's why your beach treasures look to me like squid with noodles and seaweed! So many times, I'm tempted to snack on such things, but I never do.

Maggie Neale said...

Hi Annie, thanks for stopping by....sound of the waves is so delicious. Do you live at the beach? next week when I get home I'm going to visit all the wonderful posts I've been missing.