Thursday, September 29, 2011

Crossing the border--Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

 Jean Paul Gaultier at the Montreal's Museum of Fine Arts drew us across the border.  In celebration of Ticona's birthday, Kate, Ti, and I ventured into Canada and found our way to the Museum.  Then we further crossed borders as we took in the outrageous fashions of this genius.
 When we got to the top of the stairs a man punched our ticket and said photos were allowed of the clothing, no flash and not of the models.  I was transfixed when I saw the eyes move and the lips part in speak...what a fabulous light show played upon the faces and I was fooled for some moments!  Gimicky perhaps, but it was very effective!
 Incredible detail, wonderful use of stripes!
 men and women looking oh so fashionable!
 Great props, many stories unfolding
 Some quite revealing, many all beaded.  Yes, this is beading!
 I loved seeing other viewers view.  The place was packed with a wide range of spectators, young and old, men and women, students drawing and many with head wraps and scarves...the world viewed.
 And viewing was the object, yes?  Beading again.
 Silk chiffon...what a way to use it!  Gave me ideas, but my wealth might not allow this abundance.
 Tortoise shells, leather, feathers and brillo pads all could make artful clothing in Jean Paul's hands.
 A beautiful presence.  I took this to be a skin but it also was beaded, all beads!  Unfortunately the lighting didn't always allow the best photos and remember, no flash.
 The room was called the Urban Jungle, this group was called the Rabbi Chic...sense of humor, too!
Here is a lovely dress made from photo negatives...a beauty!
 Film....just had to play with the many wonderful textures.  It was quite a thrill.
Paintings?  Did I see paintings?  Not many.  Some areas were closed for reconstructions; some shows were about to open soon, I was told; some exhibits just didn't draw my kind eye after the Jean Paul....maybe I was full.  We sat in the lobby waiting for the third to join us, then walked the streets marveling on the architecture and the sightings, still looking at clothing and how people were dressed, then settling on food, Vietnamese, topped off with cake from a Montpelier bakery we had brought across.  What a day!  We did the Atwater market but left all the vegetables in Canada and crossed the border again before night fell.  Memorable.


Jeane Myers said...

Maggie thank you so much for sharing these amazing creations - oh, how I would love to see this in person!!!! xo

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I would imagine these images will stay in your mind and influence you in some way for a very long time. The leopard beaded front on the one gown is outrageous! Thanks for sharing!

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Jeane and Mary Ann for sharing the images with me. I already have many ideas; now where do I find the time?

Heather Woollove said...

Maggie--What a wonderful post! Thanks so much for sharing.
(You and I met at Felter's Fling and I'm finally getting around to checking out your blog!) I hope that both you and Bruce are well!!

Maggie Neale said...

heather, thanks for finding me here; glad you enjoyed this!