Saturday, July 23, 2011

Home again from the adventure

Finally relocated the cord to the camera so I could load in photos.  Been home for several days, but seems like weeks and yet I am hardly unpacked.  I have a order of silks due so I am working through the heat and humidity on the back deck.  At this moment I am cooling inside and thought I would post a bit just to say I am back.

My sister drove here all the way from Tucson and stayed for 2 hectic days before we began our trip back across the country.  We drove hard the first day, a 12 hour trip to Ohio to make a quick stop to hug our brother and take a few images of him to show our Mama.  On the way we had a flat, a blowout but the Honda Fit held the road and AAA came quickly when my sister cried into the phone "I don't feel safe on this highway."  No replacement tires in town, Elmira NY, so we went to the dealership and begged a tire  off their used lot.  3 and a half hours later we were on the road and pulled into our brother's house just as the sun was setting painting everything golden.  I could talk about that lost key which made all 3 of us on ur ands and knees in the grass, but time chases after me and I must be done with this pecking.  Farmer's market to get canterelles and other yummy local produce.

This image is to remind me that I did relax on the journey....when we reached Truth or Consequences, NM, we stayed over at Riverbend Hot Springs on the Rio Grande.  Divine!  The river was rushing as we came into town, the clouds had let loose torrents and the streets flooded with deep fast moving water as it rushed to the river.  My sister wanted to cross but I said we had come too far on the journey to be swept into the river and we were too tired to swim.  She turned around and we did what our uncle and grandmother would do when first in a new town...we went to the bar for a beer.  the rain stopped and the patrol at the rushing crossing gave us directions to get around the run off...we got to find relaxation for the first hot springs ever and now I will be looking for another.

So more later, images and then I will get to my studio....I am promising myself.  Art to come!

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Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Quite an adventure with an enormous amount of miles! My son reports from Tucson the cooling monsoon rains...I'm sure most of the country would welcome some rain!
A great day market and some art making...perfect welcome home activity!