Sunday, May 22, 2011

Odds and Evens

Odds and Evens
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Another day of looking and making change, but still maintains much of its self. It's been a rewarding challenge to mix pinks.

Just posted this to flickr and sent it from there to here....looking quite more finished, yet still missing some of the texture layers.  A painting changes as one looks at it from different angles.  A painting changes in different lights...when we take images, it is only  a moment's be in the presence of a painting is quite another experience.

When the 13 Grandmothers come to Montpelier to offer workshops and events, I'll be doing some of the cooking and decorating the dining room.  I am trying to decide what painting I will hang to visit there with them.  Will the iris be open for bouquets?  I am so enjoying the apple blossoms and the lilacs, the tulips which still open, and the tender greens from the garden....yummy!  I love Vermont's springtime, but it is so hard to wait for its coming.

Enjoy the natural world and those around you....


Altoon Sultan said...

I too have been fascinated with pink lately. The harmony of this painting with its varied pinks against the other colors is beautiful.

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Altoon, harmony is a word which has come recently to my mind. The pinks in the apple blossoms and tulips are a wonderful study of pink.