Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trying to Figure it out

Hastened to the studio yesterday because the sun was shining and there would be natural light to take some photos.  I've thinking of Faiza in Islamabad who has asked me to send art for her show.  Art to help to heal extremism.  It has put me to thinking.  This world is getting smaller.  My Christmas card to Faiza reached her in 4 days.  She wrote to thank me via facebook.  She's the age of my sons but we do value our friendship which has developed through sharing our paintings and speaking about them.   This painting has silks embedded; veils covered or perhaps buried within the earth.  I'm not certain which painting to send...trying to figure it out.

I've probably already shared this painting, but I am so much more pleased with this image of it.  I have called it Riding the Crest of the Hill.  I'm pleased with the hues which seem different than many of my paintings and of those of others.  I don't feel like I am riding the crest of the hill these days.  I am subdued by events in my life as my partner has joined an 11 day fast in solidarity with "Witness Against Torture".  He is in the 8th day of a juice fast, having purchased a juicer and organic vegetables and fruits.  The 176 fasters in DC do conference calls with supporters across the country.  It has changed our eating, though we do still light candles and eat our separate "meals".  I've been making simple soups, vegetables in the frig that Bruce didn't want to juice.  Our frig is getting cleaned out.  I made bread today which came out delicious.  I haven't wanted to tempt Bruce with baking smells but I just couldn't keep holding off.  3 more days.....our tree of light finally came down today and the living room is larger again.

Watching the news...some hard news to cope with.  15 year old took his own life in the school bathroom a few towns west of here.  Accidents on the highway as the snow mounts up today.  My son is going through a hard time, feeling frustrated that he can't dig himself out of a financial hole.  Many young are trying to figure it out and are feeling unsuccessful.

Yet "The Truth Lies Somewhere in the Middle".  I feel a wall here which is being broken through.  We all put up walls for protective, but sometimes we need to have them broken through to find the healing.  I am trying to figure it out.

I did get my sketchbook finished and sent off in time.  I made a video of it but it didn't load up into this blog as I had wished.  This is the next to last page; put my face on it.  This photo came up just in the knick of time.  It was taken by Michael Jermain when we had a show together in Burlington.  Thanks, Michael....and thanks to you who have followed me through these words.


Anonymous said...

Riding the crest of the hill is a delightful composition and the colours...yes... like that interesting and unusual combination.
As for your next post...those fire paintings are very apt in your freezing weather.
Like seeing the textural surface too ...gthe top paitning makes me stop and ponder... I feel like Im watching a fire in the dark and the light is flickering... and its spitting and heat is coming off!
Go for it Maggie...
ps ... I'm sending an email...I have a question!

Maggie Neale said...

Sophie, just saw your comment and I thank you. Love how you see and have spoken about the first fire painting; I spent some time with it today, but visually not much changed, surface refined buried a bit more. 20 degrees today feels balmy compared to temps yesterday.