Sunday, January 23, 2011

Keeping the Home Fires Burning

So very cold today and it is warned that even colder is coming.  We challenged ourselves to a bit of a walk, but we turned back and let the cold wind push us along rather than bite us in the face.  Brilliant sun shines, but I know my studio would be cold so I am doing work on the paintings on my computer instead of for real.  mostly I am looking and considering.  I will share some in process here with you and if you wish to make comments, I do welcome them.  Some artists don't like to hear anything about their paintings until they are done.  I don't feel that way.  Each time a step into a painting, there is communication and it has little to do with what others have said, but more what the painting is drawing me into.  This painting started really red, acrylics, 24x20.  It seems to be very hard to take decent images of red for me.  Red is darker than you might imagine.  This is too light!  It was not finished when a painting fell from the wall and a slice was made in the canvas, patching was needed.  Since I lke to layer my fabrics I began with the back and then a few days ago I started on the front.  I was in clothes not yet relinquished to painting so I worked with medium and then wax.  Satisfying.  The patterns in the silk devore add another intrigue.  Makes me want to get back to work on it.
This painting was a marvel at first layer and then I really messed it up.  It is beginning to come around again.  Red is a challenge again.  In this deep cold, red is awake up.  12x12
 Detail...using acrylic as a watercolor over gessoed paper...I am experimenting.  I began as a demonstration for my student but she has other for myself.
Talk about an experiment!  Partially embedded dish towel...I love the old fabrics, tatters and frays.
 We have a Valentine Phantom who comes to Montpelier and hearts us.  I was asked to put some of my photos in a show for this year's valentine's Day.
Reflection...that's my Bruce!  Hope creation is coming through for you all.  Let me know your thoughts!


Altoon Sultan said...

I like the red paintings, Maggie; they're full of energy. In the top painting, I love the way the dark weighs down and surrounds the red, and the second painting plays with a different composition: red pushing up. Very interesting work!

Maggie Neale said...

Hi Altoon, so pleased to have your words here. I miss having comments. And like what you said; gives me more to think about. "Dark weighing down" "red pushing up"

Alexandra Bottinelli said...

a visit on the fly....your Bruce is a lovely addition to the art and cat and magnificent took me a while to find out how to say hi...your support about evolving into blogging is appreciated...I don't want to be shy and you are an inspiration....into action!!

Alexandra Bottinelli said...

I will try again....a delightful visit and I will return once I figure out how to do this