Thursday, December 16, 2010

Where does the time go?

 Can hardly believe that I haven't posted for more than a week....have I been that busy?  I've been working with acrylic to be able to better teach the woman who has come to study with me.  But what do we do with the acrylic left over from painting when we need to end our session?  Acrylic hardens so quickly, so I have been forced to do paintings on paper, large and small to use what is on the palette.  This a large piece, at least 20 by 36 which has had 2 sessions of attention.  Been an interesting exercise....I've also been cutting up paintings to make into cd covers and to add to sketchbook.  Now I have to go to clerk at the gallery....busy, busy....more later.  I promise you and myself.
 I had to open the upstairs bathroom window to get this shot.  It was so beautiful!

My watch kitty at his post.  I try to get the scarf off that end of the table for Echo's check in with the outside world.  Still doing red, though more with black and neutrals with red accents as the red is strong and pops up in each piece until I change the table top....coming soon.
Here is a detail of a silk paj drying.  Abstract painting going on, but not much on canvases.  i did sell 3 silk scarves while I worked this afternoon and the customers were very pleased to meet the maker.

This Sat I am having a holiday Open Studio in my painting studio as a way of ending the year and cleaning up for the next.  Yes, that means tomorrow I need to get packages in the mail and then off to the studio to make it company ready.  I wish you, my blogging friends, could make the visit....maybe next year.  For any of you who live closer...Sat the 18th, 1-4, cookies and deals.  Beth Meuller is open with her pottery at exceptionally low prices.  Let me know if you need more information.
Blessings to all!

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