Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nesting and spatial problem solving

These dark days make for short days.  I live for the light and as I age I find I need the light to see what I am doing.  But this wasn't what I thought I was going to write about here when I finally have some uncharted time to post again.  December is always busy with special requests for gifts and there are always at least 2 women who call because they have lost a special scarf--their favorite, made by me years ago.  Can I make another just like it?  But when I start asking questions about what in particular they liked about that one, I come to realize they can't even really tell me what it looked like.  It is a gamble.  I have one drying now on the table which looks like it might work, but wet is different than dry, steamed, washed...so many changes might take place...a gamble.

The above detail is a flipped piece of the painting, Nesting, 12x12, oil/beeswax/copal on canvas which is dated 2006.  It was returned to me this morning in a change out of some paintings in Blinking Light Gallery.  I was really pleased how much I liked this painting when I took it out of the bag.  When the babies come home, different emotions come up...some more pleasant than others.  This season is about Nesting, so I happily relate to this painting today.

The sketchbook keeps growing...it is spatial problem solving on many levels.  Sorry for the flash glare...that lack of light problem comes up again.
 Yep, sketching "in 5 minutes"

At the studio I am using acrylics again.  I have a student who comes weekly.  As she is using acrylics, I allowed myself to buy a few new colors and fresh tubes....what fun!   They do dry fast and work on paper.  I am making some artists trading cards, 2.5x3.5...tiny.  A challenge.  I did one big paper piece which will be torn and reassembled....or so I think, but I will look upon it again tomorrow when I unlock that studio door.  Exciting!

New growth happening before our eyes at the kitchen table.
 Echo, our beloved cat, seems to like to sleep on my dye table over by the window.  He gets so exhausted watching and tail twitching that he must rest, but how can I get him to not traipse over the wet silk scarves, freshly painted.  Another spatial problem to solve....Oh!  I wonder where he is now?!
Seeds of inspiration are taking off from here....hope some come your way.


Faiza Khan said...

Pleasure to read about your art, see the sketch book and other delightful pictures and descriptions. Cat is just adorable Maggs!

For the coming season I pray for you that may God be with you on the way, in what you do and say. May He guide you in your way of life and keep you from all strife. May He give you peace and perfect joy and wisdom to deploy. When sorrows cease and the daystar shines in the East, then heaven's pleasures we'll all enjoy. Blessings to you. Love, Faiza

Maggie Neale said...

Dear Faiza, it is one of my treasures of this year to be in community with you, to follow your art, and to be blessed by your care. Thank you for your visits with me and my work. Blessings to you and yours. xoxoxo,M

Altoon Sultan said...

It's great to see the energy of the sketches and the work in the notebook. And I loved seeing how the curled up cat echoed the shapes of the painting "Nesting", even the milk weed adds to the conversation.

helen said...

Your cat has the right idea. Your work is lovely!