Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pages from the Visual Journey--Sketchbook Project

The sketchbook continues.  I finally secured the silk 5 minutes...a quick painting, but then it had to wait for the gathered steaming, washing and ironing...definitely more than 5 minutes, but who's counting?

What does one say to the other?  The double page.  Obviously a quick sketch, done during a commercial.


 What does one say to the other?  2 characters in the show, left the screen while I was drawing.

 Still amazed that the middle of the book is not yet being reached, but that Thanksgiving turkey was smelling up the kitchen, the pie, squash, and cranberries were tempting me....

What does make us take notice?  What is it about a special stone on the beach which draws our eye and begs to be handled and pocketed?  What makes us notice one painting or drawing above the others?  What makes us do what we do?  What makes me have these questions?  And what makes some offer up many questions.  As I dive deeper into the sketchbook project, I have more questions, but I also find things I am looking the middle of the book.  Blessings all!


ArtPropelled said...

I think a lot of it has got to do with past learning and impressions. I know I learned to love pebbles and vintage gatherings from my godmother who couldn't go anywhere without finding beautiful pebbles or old worn objects that seemed to hold a story. Then we develop our own likes and dislikes but so often i can trace these back to someone in my impressionable childhood. Its also an insatiable curiosity that leads us from one thing to another. Blogging and the internet in general has reawakened an insatiable curiosity from my childhood days.

Your sketch book certainly caught my attention. Beautiful sketches of the two characters.

Maggie Neale said...

Robyn, your words are a blessing to receive. You certainly know about seeing, gathering, and collecting. Yes, curiosity and wanting to know more of the story....I am sure that curiosity helps me experiment, discover, and even leads me through this book. Thanks for being here.