Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lakes Region Arts and Crafts Show

Lake Winnepasaukee, which I still can't spell, is mesmerizing.  So enjoyed being by this lake for a long weekend.  Felt like another world when I wasn't doing the craft fair thing which was intense and in tents!

When I was led to believe that Meredith would be a good place for me to show my work, I booked a cabin in a local camp grounds.  If I was to do a show with my helper Bruce, I wanted us to have a bit of a vacation too.
The cabin was a log cabin in the woods, better than I had hoped and the woods were not cleared of their dry burning branches either.  We so enjoyed our space here.

But to set up the booth was a chore!  We got up at dawn, arrived at show by a bit after 6 and had to be ready to greet customers by 9.  The pressure was on, but always a wonder to see all the work find its place within the 10x10 structure and realize that I have been working to create this bounty.
I could leave one side wall down to feel the nature, but the winds blew too much with the back wall down.  The winds do love to toss about the silk.  Kept us busy just keeping house.
My neighbor insisted on a photo with me in it.  Check out the winds a blowing.

The new devore velvet scarf loved joining the jacket and camisole.  This was much admired but came home with me....to my surprise.
The new chiffon caper made friends with the silvery slip dress and then was discovered by my camera eye.
Some fantastic sculpture by Joe was just across the way.  He was disappointed Sunday at noon when he admitted to me that he had sold nothing and would rather be at the beach.  It was indeed a very hot day!  Then his luck turned and he sold 2 large pieces to people who had looked the day before but he had not even talked to them.  He was to deliver and position the large sculpture after the show closed.

Here are my charm bags on hand woven chenille.  I think of them holding whatever your charms are.  I do have a memorable story to close with.  On Sat I sold a hat of chenille to a young girl who loved the hat, but was shocked that she was considering buying a hat costing $50.  I told her that she was going to love wearing this hat so many times, it would be well worth the cost. and she would have many compliments.  She wrote the check and went off to work.  The next day after the show when the booth was packed in the car and we were waiting to pull out of Hannafords with our picnic, the car beside us honked and the girl in the orange chenille hat called out.  " I bought this from you yesterday and I love it so much!  I am getting so many compliments!"  YES!  Affirmation!


Altoon Sultan said...

Maggie, your booth was a wonderland of color and shape: so magical! And I love the photo of the little cabin; it looks like a lovely place to spend a few days.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Nice working vacation...the water and cabin look perfect for R&R.
Your set up is again magical bazaar with all the colors. I like your hat story and so true to buy what you love!

ArtPropelled said...

Your work looks wonderful Maggie and the cherry on the top is the orange hat story. I wouldn't mind staying in the little cabin in the woods.

Unknown said...

I'm ready to move into the cabin anytime...... Bravo - your stall looks wonderful and I'm pleased you found a way to cope with the wind trying to spoil your layout.

Maggie Neale said...

Hi Altoon, Mary Ann, Robyn, and Annie, your visits and comments are so appreciated. I like knowing I am sharing some of my story with you. That cabin was a gem, and seeing the hat buyer proudly sporting the hat in 90 degree weather a day later in a parking lot was rather miraculous. Now I'll make a visit to you all.