Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yurt and Yestermorrow

A new yurt was constructed at Yestermorrow in Warren a couple of weekends ago.  Bruce led a workshop of 12 students to create from wood furring strips a shelter to become a home for interns at this Design/Build school.  It was a challenging act to et this all done i a short weekend.  Students came from far and wide to learn about yurt making.  These images were taken after the workshop when Bruce was making his punch list as he realized the fine points which had not been completed in the too little time.
The wall construction was so well done, so many knots, but a few rids of the ceiling were not attached.  he wanted to leave a structure worthy of the school.
Here Bruce stands at the doorway where the wall ties of the wall covering needed holes drilled through the door frame to neaten the job.
I was so fascinated with the ring and the meeting of the rafters there that I didn't even notice the unsightly electrical wires and transformer within the window.  Now why would this site be chosen for the yurt?  Bruce had this question too, but the floor was already constructed there.  To read more about the yurt check out Bruce's blog and his website with sale of his book For Love of Yurts.
The movement of the sun passes across the floor during its course.
Next door neighbor....learning different skills.  So many classes are offered at Yestermorrow
What a wonder this structure is in its wider view.  It frames out a large firepit.  I am imagining some wonderful evenings here as summer moves into its fullness.
So important to look closely at some of the details and this slate called my attention.
The way home offered some lovely food in the garden of Sweet Pea Natural Foods in Waitsfield.  Flowers are such a source of color musing for me.  Enjoy, all.  The world has so many visions!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Fascinating! I have a dumb question...what about when it there a way to close up the center opening? I love the way the sun moves around the space and the wall that curves is outstanding! Yes, fire pit in the evening would be wonderful!

Maggie Neale said...

Not a dumb question, Mary Ann. Bruce's yurt has a plexy dome but the cost has leapt to great heights, so another option is being considered. Meanwhile a tarp is pulled over the opening. Mongolians let the smoke from their fire pit flow through the hole. There is a yurt dome company right in Santa Cruz that I'm curious about.

Unknown said...

I'm ready to move in any time. It would be a perfect Summer hideaway.

Maggie Neale said...

Annie, don't you want one right in your neck of the woods?

Unknown said...

Great! Congratulations.
Thanks for ideas.