Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Solstice! Summer comes!

Finally heat has come to Vermont and we must take a break from our work to celebrate summer.  Because I had such a busy weekend 2 weeks ago and last weekend Bruce was doing his yurt workshop at Yestermorrow, we have not played on the weekend for too long.  Well, we remedied that this weekend.  Yesterday we did the Farmer's Market, though we were unhappy not to be able to buy our favorite shitaki mushrooms because the grower wasn't there, but that raddicio was super fabulous cooked with cashews and cranberries!  Anyway, after the market we drove up to Burlington for some scouting on building items and shopping.  Our composting toilet system is getting underway ( for the land) and my new art show display system has had some advancement in its development.  Feasted at Fresh Market and then found that Liza will be moving and shrinking her gallery...just not enough sales she says...alas.  Then Oakledge Park and Lake Champlain.  The beach wasn't crowded even for the heat of the day: though the wind started blowing and the sun shifted behind clouds, it still was divine to lay on sand and feel the movement of the water.  Not the ocean, but big water and cold!  We walked the stone circle and spent time with the standing stones there.  I picked wild flowers and left them for Ivan, the maker, who would be coming for a Solstice ceremony later, but we didn't stay.  It was time to move on and we did.  A lovely ride home and a delicious wine on the back deck with bread and brie and the raddicio I mentioned earlier.  We felt blessed and in tune with summer and Solstice.
This was one of the sightings at Yestermorrow from the day I went over with Bruce to take photos of the yurt.  I was quite taken with this structure...I love taking pictures, but on this weekend off, I didn't take my camera anywhere and so enjoyed the freedom of not being responsible for its whereabouts.

So today we did chores and cleaned up a bit around the house and yard and then went off to celebrate again at one of our favorite swimming places--Curtis Pond, some 20 minutes from home, out County Road.  It was refreshing watching the wind blow the leaves above our heads and feeling the silky water on our bodies as we swam.  A family of ducks were swimming very close much fun to watch.  We finished with a stop for strawberries, fresh picked, and maple creemies.  It really is summer and we like it!
Sign at Yestermorrow which seems so fitting.  Work is such a pull for me but release for work and play in nature with a loving companion is something I can really appreciate.  I hope you are all enjoying what you love and feeling the best of summer.
Summer scarf...more being born in these next days.  I'll be posting this one to etsy tomorrow.


Unknown said...

It's great to be able to do so much in these lovely long Summer days. I love this light time of year, but always end up tired out! I like the shot of the wall with the window space. Is it part of someone's house?

Altoon Sultan said...

Yes, what a joy summer is! The scarf is lovely; I like the soft greens enclosed by the subtle geometry.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Plenty of work and plenty of have described such easy fun and pleasure...Happy Solstice!
Love these colors!

Maggie Neale said...

Soft colors enclosed by subtle geometry...I like that, Altoon!

Yes, Mary Ann, easy fun and simple pleasures suit me just fine.

Annie, the wall with window isn't tall enough to be part of a house, more a protective wall snaking the fire pit. I will post another view soon.

Sophie Munns said...

Lovely scarf maggie....

I loved reading your story about your weekend and all.... delicious... the swimming,,,the veranda... the whole things was so appealing... and i like the way you said... its summer and we like i!