Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bold and Bright

bold and bright
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This hand painted silk chiffon scarf puts a vacation in the every day. I painted this several years ago and I never put it out into the market. I also have not made another like it. It is truly unique!  Finally I gathered this photo into the same file as several others taken a few weeks ago and tonight I placed this scarf for sale on  Sometimes it takes a whole concentration and determination to put my work out for sale, but it is time that some of my art makes a move into others' lives.

Today I spent the whole day focused on reviewing and selecting those top artists to be awarded the Creative Arts grants from the Vermont Arts Council.  Interesting work, and indeed it is work, to carefully grade and rank artists work and proposals, and it is another job without pay...I am good at acquiring those.  So, here I am trying to make something pay from the day...perhaps someday.  I don't complain often.  Perhaps I am tired.  This scarf is more bold and bright than I am feeling at this late hour.  I wish you all well who have come to pass this way.


Altoon Sultan said...

This is a very beautiful scarf, Maggie; the bold colors are exciting, making a stunning unique object.

Jeane Myers said...

wow! this scarf is truly a few steps away from your normal palette - it's gorgeous :)

San said...

That is dazzling and elegant. It should sell quickly. Here's hoping!

What a job you've taken on. I would think that it would not only be time-consuming but could facilitate "stewing" and second-guessing. Or maybe I'm just projecting my own feelings. I believe the job is in quite capable hands though.

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Altoon, Jeane, and San, yes a different color range and one I have not found my way to again.

I didn't take on the Grant selection of 4, first selection on our own, then the top section...a whole day of discussion, giving numbers and recording. Numbers told the story. We all agreed that the outcome was just. Second guessing can really mess you up. It is over!