Monday, May 3, 2010

Exhibit at studio

On Friday my paintings were all hung on the walls, the brushes and palettes were cleaned and stored and I began to make up the food for refreshments.  I gathered flowers from the yard and heard from friends that they would see me later.  I was actually going to have a party.
I cut up cucumbers, hollowing out the centers to hold a spicy peanut sauce, and decorated with yellow pepper, roasted sunflower seeds, and garden trims.  Love using the violets...any edible flower is a favorite.  I was urged on by the first tasters to get this shot.
South wall, yes, I hung the paintings deep, but can't think of the word I need here...alas.
North wall with new painting still sitting on the easel.  I call it Seismic Segment.
The sun was streaming in the door.  It was a lovely day with most of the snow melted from our yards.  Here I am not looking my best...not like I would have pictured myself, alas again.  ( When we danced in the All Species Parade on Sunday, Bruce said we were in costume--costumed as elders...that's us!)
The 2 hour time frame passed very quickly, always someone there, greeting friends from different paths and introducing friends to friends.  As we picked up and prepared a small group to continue on to the house, I was struck by the glorious sky....glowing. ... a fine ending to the day at the studio.

The paintings are now hung in City Center and I have yet to get my brushes in the paint again.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

A beautiful and fun event. Wish I was there.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

It all looks great...the walls are glowing...your Seismic Segments is a show stopper! Flowers, food and you...festive in the art way! Bravo!

Maggie Neale said...

Thank you Leslie and Mary Ann...I wish you were here too. Feeling relief that it has been accomplished. Now I have to make silks for a fashion show beginning of June...changing hats.

Linda Marcille said...

The paintings are beautiful Maggie, what a lovely display. Wish I could have made it in person!