Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Progression of Ancient Land

 Oil painting from photo I took while visiting Terryl's property in Snowflake, AZ.  Evidence remains of flint napping activity on this high ledge with excellent viewing.  28x22, first sketch in oils
 Second attempt on this painting
How the painting exists now.  Perhaps more detailed now...maybe more "finished looking" but I somehow get more excited over abstraction and I can't seem to do the best abstractions from photos.  Yet I'm certain my photos, my looking at the world around me, and my abstractions are all coming from ... "me".
Started hanging the showing in my studio, grouping together paintings to make conversations.  Hardly noticed the snow swirling in the dark skies...I was so engrossed, but exhausted tonight.  Ah, sleep...


Altoon Sultan said...

I like all your versions, and think you have a great touch with landscape. In all three stages, the middle ground has more contrast in value than the foreground, which in a way makes the painting more abstract, since it flattens the space. I look forward to seeing the work in person at the City Center.

layers said...

having been to Tucson several times I know you have captured the essence of the earth, the textures and warm hues.

sophie munns said...

Hi maggie,

i liked seeing this landscape painting...and the various versions. There is something about it... some energy that is transmitted. Good to see you've been doing so much work and looks like you will have a lovely show!