Saturday, April 10, 2010

Textures explored

Textures have always intrigued me.  I love the touch of surfaces with the hand and with the eye.  This practice experimental piece began last summer with a very bold yellow on cardboard.  I screwed around with it using blues and greens....ugh!  It went into the "don't look now pile" for months.  I pulled it out before going away and applied papers and paint with wild abandon....2 days ago I considered its possibilities and had a pleasant "go" at it, pulling it together...yep, I like it now.  What do you think?

Love the textures observed from the trip....ribs of the saguaro
Fractured rocks caught my eye....sometimes becoming a landscape in themselves
The huge tree stump with barbed wire wrapping...did the wire kill the tree?
And the nature made assemblage, decaying beauty.  Ah!  So very neutral these textures all are as they gather together...hmmmm

So, important to add the neutral textured painting with collage elements.  This one also has taken a few months.  The beginning stage which had its own power but not refined.  I worked on this before I went away and then again 2 days ago which moved it into the place where I can find satisfaction with it.  I wish you all could see it in its textural form...somehow this image leaves much of the value out.  I'm preparing for an exhibit in my studio April 30 and then I hang a show of 30 paintings in City Center for the month of May.  Gotta get some more paintings resolved but I am on my way.

Hope inspiration is in your lives and that art is happening all around.  Thanks for the visit here.


Lou Murphy said...

I love the top painting with the blue, and the story behind it. Cardboard and paint are great to work with, the distressed textures are so appealing, I know just what you mean!

Jeane Myers said...

Maggie, the last piece is stunning! and did I read right?! 30 pieces? wow!

Altoon Sultan said...

I think it's a successful painting; I like the color a lot. Your photographs of textures are beautiful too, and I especially like the seguaro.

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Lou, Jeane, and Altoon for your supportive comments. Distressed textures--yes! City Center is a big space...yes, 30. Thanks Altoon for liking my photos as yours are magnificent. "Stunning!" Wow!

Sarah said...

me too .. i love to touch texture..with eye and hand .. your work is yummy..!! agghh .. i must get in my cabin and 'come out of myself '..!! thanks for sharing .. your work and inspirational photos.. happy creativity..!