Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Free Range

Stealing some moments here to post....so many photos to select from makes it difficult to know where to start.  I was intrigued on a walk with cows roaming freely...free range.  I am considering naming my upcoming shows by that name---free range because I am also roaming freely.  This ability of free range has its advantages and its disadvantages....whose in charge?  Oh, me again!  This small painting (9x12) is oil on yupo, another experiment.  Does oil hold up on yupo?  Hmmmm...
And what this one have to say about it all?  When out walking some of the fairly undeveloped roads of Diamond Bell Ranch we came upon some free rangers.
They didn't seem too concerned with our trespass.
Just to give you more idea about the geography.  Will I be painting cows now?  I have to wonder.

I am working on this one of rocks and space, free range on another level.  This was the second day on this painting and it is different after today's efforts but that image is still in the camera.  22x28.
This is my photo.  I know, the colors are so off.  I looked at image on screen and then did the memory trick and the there are tricks with the memory.  I'll show you more later.  Thanks for being here with me for this collection.


Salon Delucca said...

hi Maggie - I love your painting of the rocks, and personally?, I like your colors better :)

Altoon Sultan said...

You have a wonderful feel for the landscape, Maggie. I like that painting a lot, the study too. How nice to enrich the trip by using your memory to make more art.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Your colors have moisture, the green looks as if it has rained, dark cloud casting shadows from overhead...yours speaks of another season...I like it! memory here creates what is amazing and alive!