Friday, March 12, 2010

Gathering the strength

It's been a tough week.  Always the second week of the month has some extra obligations, meetings which divide my working time.  I also have been doing the tax thing.  I have Mama's papers sent off to her accountant but my tax situation is complex and though begun, it still hangs on my head.  My son has had a rough time also with a girlfriend.  We have her cat, which is suffering from neglect and dog harassment.  Poor Iko hides and sprays.  On Wed we did the neutering which was traumatic for him.  We are working the love therapy to some effect...with the cat and with Jonah who has broken up with the girl again.  A few days ago Jonah was here for lunch.  As I took him home, we stopped at my studio and he was drawn to this painting which spoke to him in big letters.  "Gathering the strength to go back out into the world".  I hadn't given it a name yet...we will see if this one sticks.

Bruce took me off to the movies tonight...for fun.  We saw Alice in Wonderland which was so very odd that it almost wasn't fun.  I did like the dresses.  Blues BASH that ought to be fun!

Have a good weekend all!


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

It sounds like 'overwhelm' much going on in and around your life!
This piece is quite beautiful...the blue just sings!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Life in all its richness. The painting is very strong!