Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Forms in the river--inspirations

It is time for another post while I wait for the Olympics to come on and I have some river watch images ready to have their story told.  As the snow falls and changes our landscape, I am looking at the images from 2 days ago--that lovely day which had spring in the air and smiles on our faces....Monday, ah....
I visited the Winooski River near my studio.  How the river was rushing, but still with ice and snow on the falls at the old dam.
Up river the sun had its way with the colors.  Will this become a painting?  Do these visions I see and gather up of nature store within to explode upon the canvas later?
 Blue sky reflection, a calmer section, and I headed back to the studio feeling a freshness from the energy of the running water...on the way, another sight took my attention as I crossed the tracks.
Love how much zoom I have on my camera; that I can bring the sight up close and personal suits me and my needs.  Are these like the dots which have been finding their way into my paintings?
Well, maybe no dots in this one, but certainly landforms and river/ice colors, rock layering.  This 12x12 painting began turned with darker edge on the right and more pink and grey----the blues came just recently and on Monday the painting found a new direction.  Where do our best ideas come from?


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Beautiful...the combining of blues and blue greens, blue lavenders and rock shapes...easy to find natures mark in these shapes.
Where do I find my inspiration...mostly in quiet places, writing, meditating and staying with my story while painting and mixing colors.

Altoon Sultan said...

What lovely river images; I especially like the second one, with the warm triangle on the upper left. And the painting has such a strong, rich reference to the river. How lucky you are to have running water nearby.

Maggie Neale said...

Yes, my river visits are inspirational, but this painting was done without a river walk or view and when painted it was airy with "tree form" on the right. I seem to store forms and colors for later release.

yes, Altoon, I am amazed by second image and the color of upper left triangle. Thanks for your comments, Mary Ann and Altoon.

Jeane Myers said...

Maggie, these photos of the river are just beautiful - and I'm loving the work you are doing with your painting - yesterday I slapped some copal wax on paper and then painted with oil - what fun - don't have a clue if it will dry and it messed with my brushes, but I loved it!

nancy neva gagliano said...

just so very beautiful, your photographs of that river and your paintings, such gorgeous colors and sparked by the dark/ black!
often outdoors, and often
from my camera...and very often when i want to make something or write for someone else. gifting.