Saturday, February 27, 2010

Crane for Peace

Crane for Peace
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Got quite lost playing with photos on Mac. I needed to get some ready for ad work tomorrow and just kept going. This one pleases me so I posted to and then blogged it here. i didn't make the crane, but I captured it's essence and took it further. Painting with colors comes in all forms. Color musing is a joy.

Seemed a dizzy day today with son and his gal bringing the new dog over to meet me and to share brunch. Then the trip to get a cat who needed a new home...we might be owners of a cat--he seems to like us. Trip out for cat supplies, tea with a friend. call from my son in Africa who is getting better from malaria. He was on skype and got 2 phone calls which he took, speaking in French to Cameroonians. Amazing to hear him speak so much French. Only been learning it this year. What a day! lovely dinner and then I got lost with images. WHEW! I really must get up to bed. And good night to you all.

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