Thursday, January 28, 2010

Treasure Bags--Treasured bags

This day didn't go as planned. Emails last night let me know that I needed to make a delivery of brochures to our distribution center 2 towns north and that Susan Russell had bags in our sale at the gallery. Dear Susan, who will be making no more bags, as she has moved on to another plane, and these bags still hold her spirit as well as her tiny stitches, abstract compositions, color choices, and beading. Beautifully made and now on sale for such low prices that I could not just buy one.
The larger of the 3, this can carry a variety of items. I remember when Susan first was beginning this project, she came to me with pillows on cords to wear as necklaces, beautifully made with stictching and beading, but a stuffed tiny pillow...? I carefully made the suggestion that they be bags, open to receive not stuffed with cotton. She was taken aback, and said, "Well, how would I do this?" Like it would be difficult, so I gave her a couple more thoughts and later she presented our gallery with bags, with so much work to them that they were special treasure bags and not for casual purchase.
I've been thinking I ought to have a special carry bag for my MP3 player, my ears for the studio and here it is, purchased today. I love the strings of beads coming from the holes in the button, red!
And this one is for my sister Martha who will be with me in Ohio when we make the transition of Mama to the Alzheimer facility in Tucson. I will have to consider what charm enters this bag to complete the gift. Hurrah!

Didn't make it to the studio as the snow which threatened all day came down hard, white out conditions and I decided to make cookies and this post....guess I'll get those cookies baking now. It has been rewarding to spend this time with Susan and to share her with you readers.


Jeane Myers said...

wow, you hit the mother lode! - little treasures :)

Maggie Neale said...

Aren't they great?! and priced right for me. We'll be giving one for Haiti benefit also and a hand painted silk, too.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

These are true Valentines in the deepest heart sense. Beautiful stitching and design.