Saturday, January 16, 2010

Searching, the Eggs, and the Boy

Searching for a balance, a meaning to the paintings that are evolving from a place deep inside me, but not deep enough to stun me, to make me feel the resolve from their being born....searching for what is important when the world is torn by deceit and a quaking shift. Death comes to so many in Haiti, in the Middle East, in Pakistan, and I know death is happening in so many countries that don't make the news or my awareness. Death comes to a young driver just in his college years, and death comes to the artist hurt by a failing economy, death comes to the woman on an icy road...and I paint. Somehow I am not saying enough.
So, I go to the Framer's Market and I buy eggs because there are green ones in the dozen, a mixed grouping, and I buy a delicious carmelized onion soup made with all the vegetables the man of Screaming Ridge Farm has grown. He has left his high paying city job and turned to farming. No one owns him now; his life is his own---hmmmm--owns/own. The heaviness of night is still greater than the light of the day...searching for balance. We buy red cabbage caraway sauerkraut and Russian kale which has been harbored in the basement still on its stalks. We talk to a seller of Jerusalem artichokes; we are learning more ways to grow our own food and make our life more our own also. We want to be alive.
This morning I stood in line at the Food Coop behind a woman with a very full shopping cart. I didn't go to the express line with my small purchase of coffee and an excellent fresh muffin because I wanted this fine young man to be my cashier. This is Jonah, my younger son, celebrating 31 years today and my time to be with him on this birthday was our exchange at the register. I snapped his photo as he worked and handed him a plastic bag of simple gifts and the items he had left when last at my house. "If those shoes don't fit, then pass them along." That's how we do it. We made a quick plan for our dinner later this week. This mama will let him do his celebrating in his own style tonight with friends....seems the party was getting bigger and bigger. Hurrah for Jonah! Have a memorable and successful year.

I did enjoy the article about Fran Bull and her installation "In Flanders Field", written by Janet Van Fleet on Vermont Art Zine. Good enough to spread the word.

5 comments: said...

Life (and Life's companion, Death) live in several that we live ourselves and life we pass on to others...Life cannot really exist complete, in one of these dimensions alone...some balance between the two is required for Life to feel make sense to itself...and without balance and living in both realms we are "busy dyin" Sons and eggs and death makes sense somewhere in some of this...

The Artist Within Us said...

Getings Maggie,

Yesterday I celebrated my fourth birthday in my second life, after having been rescued from the clutches of death. With the many images and stories coming out of Haiti we may seem overwhelmed by the devastation and human tragedy.

Life is fragile and all to often we simply forget what is most important.

Thank you for sharing your day, including a photo of your son on his birthday. Please pass along a Happy Birthday and best wishes to him from me.

Warmest regards,

Maggie Neale said...

Bruce, thanks for your words....sons and eggs and death in the same story.
All related.

Maggie Neale said...

Well, happy birthday to you, Egmont. I'm glad to be getting to know you in this second life. Be well and enjoy all its wonders.

Altoon Sultan said...

Maggie, in many of your posts you share such deep and personal feelings that I often find myself unable to comment. What to say, to add to those words?

except Happy Birthday to your wonderful son.