Wednesday, January 27, 2010


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Some color was needed on this color musings site after the grayness of the winter shots. This small piece, maybe 6x11 or 7 x12, has been undergoing coloration for a few weeks. Finally it has a more finished feel to it, but taking a photo of a work with irridescent oil stick is tricky. yet something I like about the irridesence is the change occurring as light shifts.

I've been gessoing and preparing canvases, my new easel holds are large piece just in the beginning stages as i adherred some fabric to it today and more gesso. I did a couple of yupo pieces and left them still wet and moving as I turned out the light. Tomorrow i hope to get over with my camera to let you see what I've been up to.


Salon Delucca said...

hello Maggie - this is a wonderful painting - I love the colors and shapes - it sounds like the studio space is a fabulous springboard for your creative spirit - excited to see what magic you've done on the yupo - I used my wax to rub on the assemblage pieces I just completed - it gave them a nice soft glow :)

Maggie Neale said...

Hi Jeane, when dry, the wax can be polished with a soft cloth for a wonderful soft shine. Yupo takes magic and then the will to let it alone. Yes, enjoying!

nancy neva gagliano said...

yummy anti-winter colors!!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This studio time is the new piece...I like the colors and shine. Now I'm looking forward to see your yupo magic as well as the canvas work!