Sunday, January 10, 2010

Landscape with Effervescence

Landscape with Effervescence
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This summer I tested myself to paint a landscape. The first sketch had possibilities, then I worked on it again and the life went out of it. In December I studied it and had a couple of inspirational thoughts but didn't have the time....a couple of days ago I worked on it by making dots to enliven it, to break it out of the not working place, to abstract the landscape. Then i intensified the outlines, thinking I would go back in to paint more, but now I rather like it in a very funny sort of way, so I am leaving it be for a pause to reflect on the next step....hmmmm

Word of the day was are my community in these bitterly cold January days, so I am sharing this with you.


Linda Marcille said...

Maggie, I love both this and the Apron Strings paintings!! Very inspiring.

Salon Delucca said...

mmmmm, this is really wonderful - love the dots of color in the trees and the dark outlines - oh, boy, I see I'm behind here - going to go catch up :)

Altoon Sultan said...

I love this piece, the forms, the outlines, the color all work together to make a vivid statement. You should definitely pursue landscape.

It also reminds me of the magical landscapes of Samuel Palmer, a nineteenth century English painter who was an acolyte of William Blake. There's a good wikipedia article on him.

Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Linda, Jeane, and Altoon for your complimentary words. Pursue landscapes? I wonder how I can do that to truly make it be filled with my own breath. I will look up Samuel Palmer....thanks.

layers said...

since I love dots I think they really do liven up and make your piece unique and wonderful