Monday, January 11, 2010

Blues Considered

Bundle up says the weatherman--arctic blasts coming our way. The next show at SPA is Blues and I am considering what to enter. I have a couple of paintings from other years, but aren't the new ones always more interesting to the maker? This 12x12 with a deep mounting is beginning to make itself known as a painting. I gifted myself with some new canvases to celebrate the new year...this is the first to get paint. I'll take it to my art group meeting tomorrow and see what the reaction is.
The big painting gets a bit of treatment each day I go to the studio...progressing. I'm enjoying its subtle changing. Someday soon I'll really give it a full share of its time. This was the first day I didn't go to the studio all this month. Kelly had a meeting with a reviewer from Seven Days Paper today...I didn't want to be a distraction. Besides I had scarves to prepare for a couple of orders and our big sale is coming up at Artisans Hand. I'll be putting in all my "seconds" which are a great hit in my community here.

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Salon Delucca said...

I am so loving the progress on the big painting - new canvases - a wonderful gift to yourself!