Tuesday, December 15, 2009

People in my life

Our children bring other people in our lives. How important! Twig has entered our lives because he is interested in "living on the land" and has been in attendance to the guardianship we do on the Lowell property. His understanding of the natural ways are in tune with ours and he shares his knowledge. Jonah and Twig are a team and hope to construct a yurt in the springtime...meanwhile the fire pit, the wood to burn culled from the land, and the digging out the spring have been a great effort. On Sunday, Twig shared his partner Sheena and his 2 year old daughter with us. What a joy to be in the presence of this young family freshly trying to make their way into their fullness of life.
Jonah waves. He was pleased to share a fire, made from the old apple tree which gave up its limb in the late summer, on this cold and snowy winter day, December 13, just one week after we were building in the woods of Lowell. Twig sports an over coat suited to Vermont snowy days. Max has joined us for the afternoon, happy for community and a taste of Vermont. We think of Ezra who is reforresting Cameroon....yet I must admit to feeling fortunate that a gathering of young men still come to eat of my soup and make talk over burning timbers. This makes holiday for me.

yes, i will be posting art...maybe even tomorrow...

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Bruce Sargent said...

What a beautiful day that was...and what beautiful pictures to share and remember