Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Lazy day after the Holidaze

I was thinking of my Mama when I took the photo of this great puzzle after Jonah and I had puzzled it out into fullness again. Mama was a puzzler and would snap a photo of each puzzle she had worked out and put the photo in the box. Was it for proof that she had finished it? Was her mind slipping those many years ago, or was it pride? We can't find out the answer to that question, but maybe she didn't even know. I didn't think about it myself til I took the photo of this small wooden puzzle, hand cut with a jigsaw, picture by Will Moses, son to Grandma Moses, I think, but if anyone has more info on this I would accept a correction or more knowledge. Unique, and more difficult than you might imagine. Had us stumped and we are good at puzzles...a family thing.

So, I was going to mention my lazy day. Can't believe I could let myself loll on the couch-- we call it the boat-- for much of the day, reading a novel, Magician's Assistant by Ann Patchett. It has kept me entranced. Bruce thought we ought to get out, but the rain has made the drive into ice, and I was feeling like a lazy bones. I did get out for a yard walk, checking out the deer tracks, getting the smallest leaves of kale from the snow covered garden, seeing that the barrow garden under the window wasn't in a good shape...a failed test, but the seeds might be encouraged in the spring sun. I got up to the upper spring source and picked watercress, fresh greens! which were great in the miso soup for lunch. I even paired up some socks and bagged up those many singletons. How do socks lose their mates so easily? But, what a silly post! The color muse in me is sleeping and the butterfly which flits about getting things done is in hibernation. I am a lazy bones with the wish to get back to the read.

I promise to be with the color play again before the year is out....maybe tomorrow. Be well and at peace.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I finally have the house to chocolate with marshmallows...mmmmm!
Enjoy you time on the boat...wonderful puzzle!

Jeane Myers said...

holidaze - omg - I was so happy I could get my jeans zipped - yesterday I was a total slug, but today I'm so ready! see you on the path :)

Maggie Neale said...

Mary Ann and Jeane....nice to find your footprints here. Just got back from a brutal winter drive to Shelburne to pick up unsold art from a show. If I had known the main highway would be so icy and snow covered, I wouldn't have gone, but tomorrow we were set to go to Boston...maybe not. Yikes! Winter is treaturous!