Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Different Ways of Seeing

Changing the light source can affect how we see. This abstract...mixed media on glossy white cardboard...has very different feeling, color balance, and energy in these two views. One with low natural light, the second with flash. Which is more honest? That iridescent paint certainly can be confusing, but it more than the iridescence. When I was jurying entries for a show I was curating, I was mislead in my assessment of the work, by size, by color...some images were cropped enough to change the composition. One image was very strong in digital format and I used that image for the postcard for the show. When the painting arrived I was stunned by the difference, almost unrecognizable in its color tone and composition. It was not an appealing painting and it certainly gave me doubts about the digital concept of selection.

So, here I am with time to make this post. My day has changed. Accept change and go with it. We woke this morning to find no water. panic? I called the city and found that the city had shut off the water due to a major leak in the system. We scurried around for left over water and found some, then packed the car for a 4 hour drive to visit with Bruce's son, our last Christmas visit, but the roads were not clear, with warning signs on the highway for travel advisory, 45 mile limit and we weren't in the mountains yet. We turned around and came home after we bought coffee. Yesterday we struggled on very unsafe highways because the chill factor was so great anything wet became ice. It was very slow travel for an hour ride to pick up unsold art from a show. It was exhausting, such concentration needed to keep the car on the road. Sad to see the cars off the road and not comfortable when cars were exceeding their limits. So, warning served our cautious selves and now I have a day for catching up, a day to find some thoughts and the words to make them presentable here.

We have a trickle of water now, the sun is shining, and the temperature is greater than zero. I have some lovely home projects to keep me busy and later a walk is promised and a reception for Delia's Puppet Cities show at Fort Can. Delia Robinson makes her exit from this residency and I will be moving into mine in Jan...just a couple more days. Hurrah! New Year's resolution...Make More Art and spread it out into the world. Yes, an get my eyes checked as I'm sure my cataracts are growing...I am not seeing as well, alas.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Your winter weather can be a serious business...staying home and sheltered is a good thing!
January begins a residency? How exciting!

Altoon Sultan said...

It's certainly difficult to judge paintings by digital images, just as it was by slides. There's no true substitute for the real object, but here we are, loving to share even though we know it's not perfect.

Have a wonderful New Year, and all the best for the new studio and for good health.