Tuesday, October 27, 2009

View to the North

View to the North
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One of the sketches I made while the others were walking on Sunday. A quick sketch, as Bruce came to check in on me. Good to make a white page in a small notebook bring home the memory--to come alive with the trees at the end of the neighboring field and the mountains beyond. These mountains could be in Canada, the land is so close to it, on the last fold of the map, as Bruce claims. It was enchanting to focus on the trees, to make them stand out from the whole view so I could begin to find the form and the colors...there was no green the right color. It took at least 6 colors blending. Such a looking experience. I forgot about the chill in the air, the the sun had gone behind the clouds, that my leg was in a giant stiff boot and I was balanced on a tiny folding chair....I was looking and trying to bring the look upon the page....I need to practice this again.


Jeane Myers said...

isn't it fabulous to be immersed in something so deeply, you can forget your own discomfort! what joy :)

Maggie Neale said...

Hello Jeane, nice to find your words here this morning at first waking. Yes, art is a joy!