Sunday, October 25, 2009

From the Chair at Field's Edge

From the Chair at Field's Edge
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The team formed this morning to begin the undoing of the yurt and the journey to the land in Lowell was the reward. Jonah and friend Twig arrived full of coffee but very ready to gobble up the corn bread Bruce had made. We discussed time and how to make the most of it. I was thinking a nice quiet day at home was needed, but the adventure pulled me and I went along for the ride. The guys did a fantastic job getting the coverings off, the dome was considered and they were into it. Great success without too much strain so we congratulated ourselves and piled into the Rav4, taking back roads, enjoying the tamarack in full golden flares, feasting on sundrenched green fields and marveling at the mountain vistas now visable with leaf coverage shrunk. I sent the guys off to explore and I made a very slow tentative
"walk" to the field's edge...just beyond the tree row to sit in the sun, make a couple of drawings and marvel at the wonder of wind whispering grasses and the roll of the earth. Tired now, but so lucky to have had the outing.

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