Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sun and Moon on Slate

Sun and Moon on Slate
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I thought this slate would become a sign, but it became a painting. Loved working on the slate, layering and scraping...acts of discovery.

I have been missing painting, but it is time to get chenille scarves woven and put up for sale in galleries. There is color play in the warp making, but the dance of row by row, foot controlled, has worn thin. When I gathered all my supplies for weaving at the gallery at Camp on Sat morning, I was not in the best emotional space. I was rushing and not connected to the ground. I raced across the street to get a poster up and I met uneven pavement with a twist of the ankle. I lurched and stumbled for 15 feet til I met a wall to stop my forward thrust...I was shaking, but I did not fall. I recovered enough to very slowly and painfully continue on my way, finding a bag of ice that I could put around the ankle tied on with my sweatshirt. Was I trying to stop my weaving? It certainly messed with my plans for the day. My discontent deepened and here I was supposed to greet viewers with a smile and welcome. What an act we must put on! 4 days later and my ankle is better. I have tried to be gentle with myself and not so demanding and I did get some scarves woven, but to paint has not come to me yet even though I know it would be emotionally helpful. I sit with my processing and my questions of "How come?" It has been important to look at some of the work I have done to, to feel that it has some purpose. I want to give a soothing wash to the discontent and find motivation again.


healingsgreen@live.com said...

So sometimes a more useful question that "why?" is "how?". One is sun and the other moon. I am not sure what slate is in this line of thought. What do you think?

Altoon Sultan said...

This piece has a beautiful luminosity, perfect for thinking of light-giving sun and moon.

We all go through periods of questioning and times of not being able to work; I believe they help us sort through ideas and issues. The fallow periods point toward renewal.

Maggie Neale said...

Ah, renewal would be a blessing...went to studio today, but so cold with no heating device and no inspiration came from the walls.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I like this slate piece very much and understand about "not painting enough", The positions of the sun and moon and the luminosity are lovely...I also like the last piece in the post before this one.