Sunday, October 4, 2009

Considering Paintings

Having been encouraged to keep the gallery open for this weekend, I spent alot of time there yesterday and today. I did get some chenille scarves woven, which now begin their drying process after washing to wed the fibers...this drying could take days if I don't turn the heat on in this coolish house. I moved Element into the gallery as Alex had moved out his paintings and walls were freed up. This one feels finished...large and simple. Hard to understand in this small image that the painting is really more than 30"wide. Size does matter. This one is powerful because of its simplicity and size, but here...not as much. I am remembering now that I did post this one before, but I have been looking at it differently today. The other painting I did in accompaniment with Michael Arnowitt's piano improv. I do not feel it is finished but somehow I can't seem to go back "in there" to finish it...a piece of "unfinished music" perhaps. I have missed painting because I need to turn my time to weaving chenille scarves which do sell even in a recession....still need to find money for bread...alas. Painting must wait. Yet still important to keep considering what I have done and where to return when I get the chance.

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