Thursday, August 27, 2009

Putting on an art show calls for all sorts of demands. Besides the poster I was asked by VAZ to write a bit of an article which I have included some of below...

Peace by Piece, an exhibit at the former Camp Meade, now Red Hen Bakery complex, will open with a reception on Sunday, September 6 from 3 til 6 complete with tours of the open studio cabins, Bruce Sargent's hand built yurt constructed on the property, and readings from the writers collected there. The artists have been working in these studios for the summer without electricity and water. They have been granted the opportunity to showcase their work in the building which used to house the Museum of Camp Meade. it is exciting to have a revival of arts and energy in Middlesex.

The exhibit itself is growing piece by piece, ahem, Peace by piece, as the different artists are bringing their work for display and finding peaceful space for it in this empty sprawling commercial building...many rooms have no widows and only some light canisters. Alex Angio has unpacked and spread out his abstract paintings and prints; some he hasn't seen for years since his move from Argentina. Margaret Blanchard us bringing in her stained glass formed into 3 dimensional sculpture, finding the windows in the entry room to make it glow. We have determined to celebrate the huge wall painting of General Mac Arthur landing in the Philipines, as he and his crowd of followers all proceed into the 'portrait gallery". S.B. Sowbel will enhance the room with her portraits and Maggie Neale will be showing 3 portraits--2 from her college years and one of her first born. Cheryl Daye Dick has been painting landscapes. Sarah Schummer has claimed the map room and Danny Hendershot has yet to claim his show space, as his paintings are all up in a show at LACE in Barre. Trisha Denton has a creative 3D construction called "Homing Device" which is rumored to have a whole performance piece to go with it. And Tom Mulholland is just back from foreign travels...what will he bring to the mix? Peace by Piece, we are growing and changing our world.


Faiza Khan said...

Wow..Maggie this is superb! THe article and the banner both are well written and designed. I wish you all the best in your show. I wish I could attend this attend. So happy for you! All the success my friend!
Thanks for writing those comments below my interview.. you are truely a gerenous woman and a tremendous artist.

Maggie Neale said...

Faiza, ypur words warm my heart. Thank you.