Sunday, August 30, 2009

7 Random things about me

I've been intrigued with others' listings of these random things, so I will make my listing here:
1....This is a portrait of me holding my precious cat Nyro. I did this painting, approx 36x28, while still in college painting looking at photo. I'd hold Nyro in my left arm and look into a mirror to reflect our images. He would snuggle in and hold for quite some time. This painting I gave to my mother, but just recently it has come back into my hands.
2....I've lived most of my life as an artist, being a weaver of rugs, clothing, and scarves to support my 2 children.
3....I love open doors so I can float from inside to outside where I love to wander in my natural surroundings, and I let the yard celebrate it naturalness. Yes, I do hear a fly buzzing about.
4....My Mama is the last of our line before me and she is now settled in a nursing home as her alzheimer's made us fearful for her safety. My sister and I allowed her to be placed in her hometown in Ohio. My brother is near and as he says "You both left, now you can travel to see her." I understand, but it is not a happy situation and I do have some guilt.
5....I'm not alone these days which is a good thing. I met a wonderful man on line and he has moved to Montpelier to be with me. We are comfortable companions on so many levels. It still amazes me.
6....It feels good to be loved for who I am. Both my sons too, 30 and 32, live their own lives apart from mine, but have a strong love and respect for me.
7.....I grew up on a farm in Ohio working the fields with migrant workers, I had no predecessors in the art world. I only had the love for art and to be making something which soothed my soul. Somehow I have managed to have a life full of art and art making and to have recognition as an artist, at least in a small pool. I am happy to have achieved art, love, family, and the ability to share this.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

Thank you. I enjoyed seeing your college art, and learning more about you.

Unknown said...

Indeed.....I is nice to know more about you Maggie. I admire your work and your positive outlook on life.

Maggie Neale said...

Thank you Leslie and Zappha...rather enjoyed this chance to write about myself but wonder why i didn't mention that I was sewing a very large red tent on this day, a covering for the 16' yurt. Coming out very well, but I don't like my behind the sewing machine self much at all

Faiza Khan said...

Thankyou for sharing this. I enjoyed reading through. You are a gem of a person Mag, your life is like an open book.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This was great...getting to know more about you...thank you! Finding love is always so amazing...glad you have such a good and loving companion!
Sewing a large red tent?!